Coach and Admin: Alex Quas-Cohen

For ages 14+.  £4 – Adults,  £3 – U19s

For the 2019/2020 season, we are running two adult sessions. Back 2 Netball and Walking Netball. Both are turn-up-and-play sessions. At your first session, we ask you to complete a short contact detail form and provide relevant medical information.

Both sessions are at Buxton Community School Sports Hall (Temple Road entrance). Parking is available in the carpark outside the building or on the road (both free). The main sports hall is on the right of the reception office.

Wear sporty clothes, trainers with a good tread and bring some water (and a friend!). A drinking fountain is available to re-fill water bottles. Toilets and changing facilities are also available.

Further information is below. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

Session Overview

We start the sessions with a full body warm-up (and reminder of the rules for complete beginners/returners). Netball is a very technical sport but we don’t expect you to get a hold on everything in your first few sessions! The warm-up is followed by some ball skills and maybe a practice drill or game to get the mind going or focused on developing a particular skill, including shooting.

Then we get into games. Players are encouraged to swap positions and teams in the breaks. The coach will try to match your game level with your opponents so teams are balanced and fair. If you want to sit out for a bit, you can – it’s not bootcamp! You take the sessions at your own pace. No pressure!

For those looking to lose weight, improve fitness or generally have a run about, netball is good for cardio and helps to develop strength, speed and stamina. It is also a full-body workout – arms, legs and core.

And netball is a great team sport. The social aspect (and the exercise) is great for mental health and fitness, particularly helping to reduce anxiety. The various rules also help to sharpen the mind and memory. Whatever your reason for coming – netball is the answer!

Back to Netball

Term-time Mondays, 6.45pm-7.45pm starting on 9th September 2019.

A session particularly for beginners and returners although some league players do join us for the extra training. We go through different skills each week with sessions tailored to the group. This is a great pathway for those looking to join a team and play in the league.

Walking Netball

Term-time Wednesdays, 5.30pm-6.30pm starting on 11th September 2019. 

This is aimed at older participants but it is open to everyone aged 14+. Walking Netball is just netball but without running or jumping so it’s a bit easier on the joints. You also have longer to pass the ball and an extra footwork step. It is (supposedly) played at a slower pace and with less contact – additional rules will be implemented to find a suitable level! Again, opponents will be matched by the coach where required.

A session particularly for those who are:

  • slowing down a little
  • new to exercise
  • returning to exercise after a while such as after having a baby
  • recovering from or managing an injury
  • active but are looking for a low impact sport
  • can run but just want to play more netball
  • looking for a social activity and not that bothered about netball