Code of Conduct

1. Have Fun!
2. Play within the All England Netball rules. Ensure you are familiar with the rules.
3. Teams must be ready to start on time, with nails smooth and short and jewellery is
removed. This applies to acrylic nails. Having tossed with the opposition for the
first centre pass the winning team should notify the umpires.
4. Never argue with the official. If you disagree with a decision, have your captain
approach the official during a break or at the end of the game. DO NOT approach
the official during the game.
5. Control your temper. Verbal abuse or gestures (however slight) towards officials
and other players are not acceptable or permitted behaviours within the league.
6. Respect the dignity and worth of all players regardless of their age and ability.
7. Remember that your team players participate in netball matches for their
enjoyment, not yours.
8. Encourage your team players during matches – applaud and recognise their good
9. Be a good sport. Applaud all play whether your team or the opposition make them.
10. Please be aware that inexperienced players make contact because of lack of ability,
so all players should make allowances for this and not put them in a situation that
could force a penalty, such as the old form of blocking.
11. Applaud good tactical team play but never applaud team play for gaining an
advantage through a non-tactical error made by the opposition.
12. Never ridicule or shout at a team player for making a mistake or for not winning –
always encourage.
13. Treat all players, as you like to be treated. Do not take unfair advantages of
another competitor.
14. Do not make unreasonable demands on your team players.
15. Always demonstrate a positive attitude towards your team players.
16. Contribute towards your teams responsibilities e.g. Organisation of team players,
collection of subs, fundraising etc.
17. Value your captain and their efforts.
18. Courtesy – A game can not be played without umpires, so respect their decisions
and thank them after the game. A personal thank you from the captain would be
appreciated. Shake hands with your opponents at the end of the game, and give
“three cheers” as a team.
19. Teams should ensure that all litter is cleared away.