Social Media

Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Myspace, Flicker, blogs, virtual worlds etc and includes any online forum for posting comments and information.

High Peak Netball Club uses social media to advise on events and issues, as we recognise this is now a very popular and easily accessible means of communicating.

While the above is recognised and use of these sites encouraged, there are a few simple guidelines that must be followed to ensure that any comments are relevant and respectful.

All members of High Peak Netball Club must take responsibility for comments they may post on social media sites. The Captains of each team are responsible for ensuring that all members of their team are aware of this policy.

If any team member has any concerns or issues they feel strongly about following a match or any other issues, they must raise the point with their captain initially and then direct to the committee if necessary.

Only positive comments are to be posted on any of the above social networking sites.

Do not post messages that are deemed to be any of the following:

  • Abusive, objectionable, insulting, harmful or defamatory
  • Of a harassing or bullying nature
  • Libellous or unlawful
  • Racially or sexually offensive
  • Do not swear or make offensive remarks about another individual or team


If any person is found not abiding by the above policy, they will be dealt with by the committee.  The committee will decide on the penalty to apply to the person/s involved and this will depend on the nature and severity of the incident.  This may consist of a fine or loss of points for their team or even dismissal from the league, should the offence be deemed of a serious enough nature.